As he lies dying on the battlefield a beautiful angel comes to Evan Foxworth, helping him fight for his life. Meanwhile, in a Devonshire manor house, Lady Kaitlin Duville hears a strange man's voice. Kaitlin's reactions to the faceless voice convinces her family that she is insane. Banished to a small cottage, Kaitlin survives with the help of the local "witch," the village idiot, and a rare few friends.

Fully recovered, Evan is drawn to a dilapidated estate in Devonshire and to the small cottage, never knowing this is his "sweet angel's" home. Their meeting is a shock. Kaitlin is sure she is mad and Evan cannot believe he has found his kindred spirit.

Determined to give Kaitlin all the love she deserves and to save her from ridicule and her father's cruelty, Evan embarks on a campaign to win her heart. But a horrible secret prevents Kaitlin from freely giving Evan her love and grasping at the happiness she craves.

With help from an unexpected source and the power of love, Evan and Kaitlin risk all for one glimpse of heaven.

SWEET MADNESS MINE has magical qualities that shine through and capture your complete attention. Elizabeth Ann Michaels bewitches you with a hint of telepathy and the beauty of the love between her unforgettable characters. SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $4.99)

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