After learning of her father's death, Rae Dalcour gives up a successful singing career to reopen her father's dance hall and build it into the success it could have been—if the townspeople hadn't ostracized the Dalcour family, holding them responsible for the actions of Rae's grandfather. Determined to clear her family's name, Rae hires a private investigator to discover the truth about the past. But the situation becomes complicated when she falls in love with Simon St. Cyr, the grandson of one of her grandfather-s partners—partners who are determined to drag Rae, her new business venture and the family name through the proverbial Louisiana mud.

Simon refuses to let a 50-year-old feud come between him and Rae. But a vindictive ex-wife, arson, kidnapping and murder are just a few of the obstacles standing in his way. The more Rae digs into the past, the more the past becomes a living entity between them. Realizing that he and Rae wont have a chance until the truth is found, Simon sets out on his own quest to find out what happened 50 years ago on a balmy Louisiana night under a bayou moon. The answer has more twists than a plantation garden maze!

SWEET MYSTERY is a spellbinding tale chronicling the tragedy created by greed, lust and murder. As always, Ms. Emery has painted a lush literary landscape filled with all the passion, sensuality and romance that a reader could want. (Oct., 304 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson