Thomas has crafted a delightful, decadent narrative that strikes a pitch-perfect balance between zany humor and heartfelt insight, while never forgetting the soul-healing properties of baked goods. Seen through the eyes of her remarkably resourceful heroine, the most mundane of days sparkles with charm and the darkest of mid-life crises are faced with a wit and grace that makes for touching, laugh-out-loud and heartfelt reading. But be warned: It is impossible to read this book without a snack close at hand!

It isn’t enough that Ruby Miller’s husband of 18 years is leaving her for another woman; he posted his plans on Facebook. With her bakery’s sales flagging and her mortgage in arrears, Ruby realizes that, at 44, she is going to have to forget her carefully constructed recipe for life and start improvising. Ruby might have thought her life of rationality and caution was fine, but with each experience, from a makeover to facing down the catty PTA members, from teaching baking courses to flirting with the unexpectedly handsome mortgage broker, Jacob Salt, it seems that she is finally about to realize how delicious life really can be. (BERKLEY, Jul., 384 pp., $16.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown