A stunning debut novel that captures hearts and imaginations from page one, SWEET RELEASE delivers a sensuous tale of lust, betrayal, redemption and freedom.

It isn't until he's abducted and imprisoned on a slave ship that shipping magnet Alec Kenleigh realizes what's been stolen from him, or what he'll have to endure to get it back.

Cassie Blakewell has been running her huge plantation for more than a year, making sound decisions, until convict Cole Braden (aka Alec) is dropped at her feet. Cassie buys him despite the papers that claim he's a defiler of women. Always shunned because of her unladylike ways, Cassie's newest risk plunges Blakewell's Neck into full-blown scandal.

Alec proclaims his innocence, and Cassie allows him to send to England for proof. In the meantime, he must serve as her indentured servant, but Alec's skills put him level with Cassie, and the two are soon caught up in their forbidden desire. If he takes her, he will hang. If she succumbs to her passion, she will lose the plantation.

Alec knows Cassie is keeping a secret, and he vows to discover the truth, but when word comes from England he learns his one chance at freedom has been destroyed. Then when Cassie's childhood friend decides to press his suit for marriage, Cassie's refusal begins a war that places Alex in jeopardy.

With sensuality in the manner of the great Virginia Henley and compelling characters worthy of the earlier works of Kathleen Woodiwiss, Clare's award-winning style guarantees her a place on readers' shelves. Alec and Cassie's legendary saga captures the very best of this genre and displays a writing talent that leaves readers wanting more! VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black