When Brooke Foster announces her engagement, her ex-beau demands a paternity test for their young daughter. When the results are revealed, Brooke's world is turned upside down and she goes back to her first love, Damon Richmond.

Unhappily married with two stepchildren, Damon is livid with Brooke over the years he's missed with his daughter. Now the two must put their feelings aside and try to compromise for the sake of their child. Unresolved feelings, however, come back to haunt them. Was the tumultuous breakup for these two high school sweethearts a big mistake? Only time will tell.

Sweet Repercussions is chaos in print. The plot is weak and overused, Brooke comes off as simple-minded and wishy-washy and Damon lacks confidence, strength and direction. Frankly, there is nothing that is appealing about either character. The strongest emotion this novel evokes is exasperation over the fact that there are numerous untapped opportunities for White to improve the story and many unanswered questions about the past. By mid-novel, neither Brooke nor Damon's actions appear to be moving toward a resolution or compromise. With such a key ingredient missing so late in the story, the book is a dull read and a struggle to finish, which is an uncommon occurrence for White. (Nov., 220 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton