Image of Sweet Restraint


Image of Sweet Restraint

The suspense and character motivation grab your attention at the beginning and return at the end, but the pace slows a
little in the middle. Although the hero is portrayed as tough but sensitive, some
of his actions don't ring true. The intense sexual encounters come across more like revenge or manhandling than bondage and domination.

Former sweethearts are now on opposite sides when FBI agent Shane takes down Laura's husband, a corrupt cop. Soon Laura's husband is dead, she's in danger and Shane is determined to find out how widespread the corruption is.

After kidnapping Laura, Shane tells himself that he's only doing it to keep her safe and to get her to tell him what she knows. However, old sexual tensions flare up, and he's soon determined to teach her that she's a true submissive. When the pieces finally fall into place, the revelations are shocking. (HEAT, Jul., 336 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan