With twists and turns to keep the reader going, this Scottish tale of clan revenge and kidnapping is a page-turner.

While on the way to marry the head of the MacGregor clan, Kyla Forsythe is kidnapped and injured by the MacDonalds and forced to wed Galen McDonald. She is so badly injured that she does not remember the wedding. To make matters worse her servant tells everyone she is witless.

Galen learns that Kyla was hurt trying to protect her brother from a killers scheme and that she does not want to marry the MacGregor. Galen knows that by marrying Kyla he can protect her and gain revenge on the MacGregor. Besides, Kyla is beautiful and Galen desires her.

Kyla learns about Galens mad wife and thinks she understands why the woman is under lock and key. What she doesnt know is that she is the wife. When that revelation comes, Kyla is furious.

With the threat of the MacGregor at hand, Kyla remains confined to the castle, yet she sneaks away only to find danger lurking in the caves under the castle.

The rugged Highlands, feuding Scots, and the intrigue and dangers of an age long past come to life in the pages of SWEET REVENGE. Filled with bravery, passion, complex characterizations, humor and a clever story line, this romance will heat up the cold winter nights with a warm, fuzzy feeling. SENSUAL (On-sale Feb., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner