Grace Summerfield has left her very stable, predictable life and gone to New Orleans to search for her missing wild twin, Muse. Once there, she decides to assume Muse's identity in hopes of uncovering what has happened and immediately attracts the attention of Creole Levalois, a New Orleans Police Detective on a renegade search for a murderer. Creole is certain Muse has answers he is looking for. When he discovers Grace's deception, he believes he can still use her until emotions get involved and all he wants is to keep her safe. A steamy tale set in a steamy locale, SWEET REVENGE (3) by Nina Bruhns is an enjoyable, though somewhat predictable read.

EDITORS’ NOTE: This review is for the original publication of this title, published by Silhouette in July 2002. The novel has since been re-released by Cajun Hot Press.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson