Michaels' latest Sisterhood novel is a fast-paced ride of revenge, complete with a varied cast of characters. The women who form the Sisterhood are unique and bold, engaging in a variety of missions to aid their wronged sister.

Isabelle Flanders was once a successful Washington, D.C., architect and engaged to Bobby Harcourt, another talented architect. But things went downhill after Isabelle's assistant, Rosemary, lied in court and said Isabelle drove her car through a stop sign and killed the family in the oncoming car (Rosemary had been the driver). She also stole Isabelle's architectural drawings and claimed them as her own. Isabelle lost her architect's license, and Bobby married Rosemary.

Now the ladies of the Sisterhood are helping Isabelle exact revenge against Rosemary. Isabelle regains her license, and her Sisters help her obtain reputable clients while sending mail to Rosemary reminding her of the car crash. The Sisters also leak the names of Rosemary's recent lovers to the press, disgusting Bobby and enraging the former lovers. The revenge is carefully plotted and expertly delivered in a manner that only the Sisters can achieve. (zebra, Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick