Image of Sweet Reward: A Last Chance Rescue Novel


Image of Sweet Reward: A Last Chance Rescue Novel

The next Last Chance Rescue book features both a compelling hero and an equally strong heroine. Both are survivors who have dedicated their lives to rescuing others, but they have completely different attitudes toward life. Jared is grim, focused and withdrawn; Mia is determined to savor every moment of life. The fire that ignites between them, turning them into a team, makes for a real page-turner.

Mia Ryker runs a small rescue operation in Chicago. She is searching for an infant sold as part of a baby trafficking ring, which leads her to Paris and the Last Chance Rescue organization, where she meets Jared Livingston. Jared is appalled that people expect him to work with the diminutive, bubbly Mia. She is clearly a civilian and he does not want to be the person who gets her killed. Mia thinks Jared is one of the hottest guys she has ever come across, but also one of the grimmest. Why she reacts so to his piercing stare is beyond her. Mia and Jared are going to have to work as a team to crack the trafficking ring and rescue the infants, and their mounting passion is just a temporary thing, right? But Jared is starting to really care about Mia and worry about her, even as he begins to appreciate her lethal talents, and Mia is not sure she will be able to love him and leave him. As the danger mounts, both will have to learn to trust each other and their feelings, before it’s too late. (BALLANTINE, Jan., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan