Image of Sweet Sanctuary: A Novel by


Image of Sweet Sanctuary: A Novel by

Sawyer’s love story is set during World War II, when some were smuggling Jewish children out of Europe and into America. She draws her audience into the lives of flawed characters who bring hope and healing to the marginalized.

Lydia Eldredge wants to legally adopt Nicky, who was given to her by a dear friend who died giving birth. She also must protect Nicky from his father, a drug addict. She meets Dr. Micah Hatcher, who is saving refugee children from Hitler’s death camps. Together they search for a midwife who can verify that Nicky was entrusted to Lydia. Their feelings for one another grow as they seek to find God’s will for their lives. (BETHANY HOUSE, Apr., 352 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson