Image of Sweet Seduction


Image of Sweet Seduction

Banks has hit the red zone with erotic
relationships that cover a range of
possibilities, from menage a trois to
BDSM. Unfortunately, neither the characters nor the plot live up to the intensity
of the sex.

Salon owner and massage therapist Julie Stanford wants Nathan Tucker, but he seems oblivious. Now, she's trying to forget him at the House, where sexual fantasies are fulfilled. Hers is sex with two anonymous men. Nathan and his friend step in as the lovers, and with Julie blindfolded, she suspects nothing. When Nathan finally reveals what he's done, Julie is angry and gets "revenge" with a set of handcuffs and loving domination.

When Nathan tells Julie he loves her, she's out of there. She's been hurt in the past and is afraid to give love another try. But Nathan, both a gentle lover and domineering alpha male, is irresistible. (HEAT, Oct., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison