Desperate to keep the peace in her land, Gisela uses her powers to play the Saxons against the conquering Franks without bringing harm to her people.

When Gisela's lands fall into the hands of a rebel, Charlemagne sends his most trusted man, Rutgar of Beltane, to secure the land for the Franks. He has no way of knowing the lovely young maid is the lady of the manor or that she is gifted with second sight and a healing hand.

Gisela is determined not to allow Rutgar into her keep or her heart. But by pitting one side against the other, disguising her identity and trying to resist falling in love, she places herself in constant danger.

Rutgar does not understand his attraction to Gisela, nor realize what a prize she is. Surrounded by enemies, these two must find a way to save the land and discover the love of a lifetime.

The magic of this captive/captor romance will keep you riveted. SWEET SORCERY is another magical tale in Ms. Bradshaw's long line of superb novels. SENSUAL (Nov., 393 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin