Lord Stafford Pearce leaves London's high society to visit his newly inherited estate in Ireland. He soon finds himself at odds with the local healer-his late uncle's mistress-the beautiful and sensuous Selena Ross.

Stafford is thrown for a loop-literally-from their first meeting. He sets out to charm her, but Selena is not so easily won over. Poor Stafford is defenseless against Selena's powers as she sets out to teach the arrogant English lord how to treat his crofters.

At first Stafford thinks his uncle's ghost has come to torment him, and so he hires a ghost hunter. When he learns it is a witch who is casting spells upon him, he hires another witch to save him. But nothing can save him from Selena. Though her spells give him many hard lumps, her caring heart seduces him and teaches him about life, fairies and the magic of love.

Ashland Price surprises readers with this wild, mischievous, adventurous romp between a real broom-flying witch and an English dandy. The story is fun and delightful and readers are in for a treat! (Mar., 389 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer