Image of Sweet Spot (Bakery Sisters)


Image of Sweet Spot (Bakery Sisters)

This second of three back-to-back releases focuses on sister Nicole Keyes. Nothing about these sisters or their relationships is simple, and Mallery is in top-notch form as she takes troubled and stubborn individuals and portrays their emotional growth. Drama and trauma abound in this winner!

With her marriage over and her baby sister pregnant, possibly with her estranged husband's child, Nicole Keyes is not looking for any more drama or responsibility. But she's lonely. So when sexy NFL player turned high school coach Eric Hawkins crashes into her life, she is intrigued.

When one of Hawk's star players is kicked out of his foster home, Nicole steps in to help. Although she claims to not want a serious relationship, the deeper Nicole gets with Hawk, the more her heart gets involved. But Hawk, a widower with a teenage daughter, doesn't see the handwriting on the wall regarding his little girl. Is there any room in his house for a new relationship? (HQN, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
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Jill M. Smith