Image of Sweet Spot


Image of Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot is a wonderful, long- awaited wrap-up to Angell’s Rogue Baseball series. The hero is a nice guy, but his arrogance can be a bit overwhelming. Baseball fans will find more to enjoy than those not interested in the game. The ending gives a nice finale to this team. The stories involving these characters will be missed.

Their first meeting is anonymous on both their parts: Cat is in a Wonder Woman costume and Law is disguised as Captain America. When they meet again, it’s as Catherine May, the associate at Driscoll Financial, and baseball player James Lawless. Cat is determined to keep their relationship all business, especially after she discovers he was Captain America. Law believes life is best lived through sports and sex, with no emotional intimacy. The feelings Cat stirs in him are unwanted and unneeded. However, “Wonder Woman” is just his style, and he sets out to find out who she is. The question is, what will happen when he does? (KENSINGTON, May, 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley