Image of Sweet Stuff (Cupcake Club Romance)


Image of Sweet Stuff (Cupcake Club Romance)

This second Cupcake Club book tries a little too hard to be sweet and ends up being a little preachy about self-worth and risking your heart in order to find love. Secondary characters, such as feisty, outspoken octogenarian Alva, are back — although more of wry goth art student Dre would have been welcomed. Kauffman excels at creating characters and portraying small-town life.

Riley Brown, food stylist for Foodie magazine, leaves Chicago for coastal Georgia after being brutally betrayed by her fiancé. Riley lives on a houseboat with her massive dog and avoids men while she nurses her self-doubts. She has found support in the Cupcake Club, a great group of friends who get together to bake. When a famous, and handsome, author leases a house on the island to work on his next book, he and Riley connect. Although he seems almost too good to be true, Riley doubts that he could really be attracted to her and is hesitant to give him a try. (BRAVA, Feb., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan