Delights is gaining quite a following. The gourmet chocolate shop started by Allie Thomas in little Santa Magdelena, CA is developing quite a reputation for its sinfully delicious treats. With her business thriving, Allie has been pestering the local handyman, Harry, to finish a number of carpentry projects. He finally comes through when he sends Matt Baker over to handle all of Allies needs.

Matt has spent the last year running away from a tragic demon in his past. Allowing no one to penetrate his emotional barriers has been the only way Matt has been able to cope. However, from the minute Matt meets Allie & company, which includes her legendary actress mother and said mothers pet albino pig, Matt senses he is in deep trouble.

They say that chocolate is the solution to all of lifes problemsbut even ones of the heart?

Prolific and popular series author Susan Mallery makes a much anticipated mainstream debut with this gem. Dig out your wallets! The humor, warmth and rich characterizations make this a must read book. (May, 326 pp., $7.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith