Now that her two sisters are married, Eve is her womanist mother Jacqueline's last hope to carry on her beliefs that marriage is the worst evil. This horrifies Eve because, ever since she was a child, she's tried to do the opposite of what her mother wished. So when NASCAR driver Linc Adams—every womanist's nightmare—needs to avoid being voted mayor of his hometown, Eve suggests a bad-girl wife: herself!

As the owner of Sugar & Spice Sinema, which specializes in how-to sex videos for couples, she's sure she will fit the bill, and she can also get the best of her mother. But playboy Linc and anti-marriage Eve soon find themselves, to their dismay, enjoying being married.

This third and final novel about the Farrell sisters has all the makings of an extremely fascinating story. The secondary story threads, which involve Eve's mother, father and grandmother, are quite agreeable. Unfortunately, the plot, though very entertaining, gets rather lost in the various characters' preoccupations with their sex lives. (Aug., 346 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley