Image of Sweet Surrender


Image of Sweet Surrender

While it’s interesting that the author didn’t throw an engagement or wedding into the story, allowing readers to imagine the couple’s HEA, this tale could have been at least 100 pages longer. Many aspects of the story aren’t expanded upon, but the little bit that is there is interesting, funny and sexy.

Laura Evans is ecstatic when she gets the job offer of a lifetime in Boston. She leaves San Diego for a new position as an artist-in-residence at a reputable gallery. This affords her several perks but leads to a series of events that put her life in danger. Head of security Connor Grant goes out of his way to find and stop the bad guys while personally protecting Laura, who matches his intellect — and his sexual appetite. (APHRODISIA, Apr., 256 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Brooke N. Garner