Image of Sweet Talk


Image of Sweet Talk

The Keyes sisters could be the poster children for the dysfunctional family. So screwed up are their relationships that they almost seem irreversibly damaged. In one of her most emotionally tough books to date, Mallery weaves her usual magic and creates a vibrant and realistic love story.

The enormous rift between the Keyes sisters is something world-famous pianist Claire Keyes wants to end. When her sister Jesse calls to say that Nicole is undergoing surgery and will need assistance for a couple of weeks, Claire leaps at the opportunity to help. But when she arrives in Seattle, she learns that Jesse left out a few details -- mainly about her own rift with Nicole and the fact that Nicole doesn't know about or want Claire's presence. Undaunted, Claire perseveres.

Wyatt Knight, a close friend of Nicole's, is gun-shy regarding relationships. Still there is something about Claire that rings his bell. But with all the relationship trauma surrounding this group, can anything positive be born from it? (HQN, Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith