Talya Stevenson ran away from Jason and lives in fear, knowing he may pop up at any moment to drag her back home. True to form, he does threaten her co-workers and neighbors, and she is forced to return to her horrible life in order to keep them safe. Talya is an intelligent, responsible woman, but is terrified to press charges against the demon threatening her well-being.

Meridian Weston owns the family realty company. He meets Talya through an employee and is immediately smitten. As their work relationship progresses so does their personal one. Only it isnt easy for Talya to learn to trust again. Her fear of being abused gets in the way of the developing feelings between her and Meridian.

SWEET TOMORROWS is a sweet yet dramatic romance. Sweet, for the love relationship between the main characters, but dramatic, for the life the heroine has been forced to live. This novel depicts a womans struggle to escape a controlling and abusive boyfriend and find a way to let her heart love and her mind trust again. (Apr., 401 pp., $9.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Tullos