Image of Sweet Trouble (Bakery Sisters, No 3)


Image of Sweet Trouble (Bakery Sisters, No 3)

Old ghosts come back to haunt in the satisfying conclusion to Mallery's tough and tender Sweet trilogy. Stubbornness, pride and distrust have all played a role in the estrangement of the Keyes sisters. Mallery's characters are all too human, which makes their behavior realistic, if
a bit harsh. This author knows drama!

When Matt Fenner thought that Jesse Keyes betrayed him, it hardened his heart into an ice brick. Now hugely successful in business, Matt still keeps his emotions at a distance. When Jesse returns, bringing the 4-year-old son Matt didn't believe existed, it opens old wounds not only for Matt but for Jesse's estranged sisters, Nicole and Claire, as well.

For her young son Gabe's sake, Jesse will face the demons and mistakes of her past. After all the emotional pain and anger that still exists, can Jesse convince her loved ones she really has changed? Trust once broken is a hard thing to repair, and all the various players in this drama have major trust issues. (HQN, Sep., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith