When wealthy plantation owner Quentin Rutherford, Viscount Belfour, needs a bookkeeper, he temporarily hires Leydianna Carstair, who is visiting her family. No one knows that Leydi normally lives on Devil's Gate-Daniel "Heartless" Kincaid's island-where she manages the infamous pirate's ledgers.

To Quentin, Leydi is little more than a plain, brown mouse who spends much of her time daydreaming and the rest of it plaguing his existence. However, when Leydi learns that Quentin is determined to catch Kincaid, she sets out to stop him. Dressed as a buccaneer, Leydi abducts Quentin and holds him hostage in order to protect Kincaid.

Her cat-and-mouse game has interesting results when Quentin plots to seduce his captor. Already half in love with Quentin, Leydi surrenders her body, but not her independence. She will not give herself to Quentin completely until he learns to forgive his estranged father, Kincaid and, most of all, himself.

With amusing escapades, sweet sensuality and intense emotions, SWEETER THAN DREAMS sweeps readers into Olga Bicos' magical world of pirates and plantations. Incorporating several delightful love stories into one engaging read, Ms. Bicos gifts readers with a romance banquet that will keep them satisfied for many hours. SENSUAL (June, 415 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin