Image of Sweeter Than Honey


Image of Sweeter Than Honey

With this departure from her Soulmates Dissipate series, Morrison delivers yet again. She masterfully meshes her passion for women's issues, especially domestic violence, into the piquant plot. True to form, she summons characters from life who are controversial -- and sometimes immoral -- and compels us through a first-person point of view to listen to their side of the story. This is definitely a rousing way to leave Darius et. al. behind.

Lace St. Thomas has become the madam of the most lucrative escort service in Las Vegas. Her boss owns the company, but Lace utilizes her power too well. When her favorite escort is killed, she knows she's next. Double-crossed by her boyfriend, Lace must decide if now is the time to trust another woman -- a woman who can damage her more than her own mother if she doesn't make the right choice. (Dafina, Aug., 304 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Robin R. Pendleton