Dr. Harriet Ginoza is being haunted by sexy dreams of Steve Morgan, the hero of Rosemary Roger's classic spicy romance Sweet Savage Love. While on the way to New Orleans, her train derails and she awakens to the sound of jangling spurs.

Those spurs belong to Etienne (Steve) Baptiste, a secret agent on a mission for President Grant, and until he knows just who Harriet is and where she comes from, he is going to hold her hostage.

When Etienne brings her to New Orleans, Harriet realizes that somehow she has traveled back in time to 1870 and has a chance to live out her fantasy and make love with her hero.

At Bayou Noir, Etienne's childhood home, Harriet uses her skills as a psychiatrist to bring Etienne and his daughter, Saralee, back together before he leaves for Texas. However, when Harriet learns that Etienne is in danger she and Saralee follow him.

They soon locate Etienne and join a wagon train, but a kidnapping, his imprisonment, her daring rescue, misunderstanding, jealousy and the time warp continuum threaten their newfound and passionate love.

Etienne Baptiste, the "little devil" from Ms. Hill's Frankly, My Dear, has grown up to be a big devil in SWEETER SAVAGE LOVE. Etienne and Harriet's adventures mirror those of the legendary Ginny and Steve. Sandra Hill writes a fast-paced, sensual yet tongue-and-cheek story peppered with plenty of dynamite dumb-men jokes and riddles. This funny and uplifting read will brighten any day! VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 391 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager