Taken into the Remington household as a young child, Kate, now 16, has always felt a special tenderness for her foster brother, Charles Remington. But her dreams of romance are shattered when she learns he is engaged to be married.

Little does she realize the consequences she will suffer when, in her pain, she spends a few hours of passion with Charles brother, Jude. She runs away from the only family she has known.

Six years pass, and the newly widowed Kate McGoldride tries to support herself and her son, Walt, by publishing a news-paper that she and her murdered husband founded.

The arrival of Charles Remington brings back memories better left forgotten. Surprisingly, Charles never gave up his quest to find Kate nor did he ever stop loving her. He takes one look at Walt and he sees Jude.

Just when Charles and Kate try to rekindle their lost love, Jude comes to town. Which one will make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of love?

SWEETER THAN SIN is a sure bet to capture the reader in this poignantly written historical romance. (SENSUAL 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond