Image of The Sweetest Dark


Image of The Sweetest Dark

Abé creates a rich and refreshing world, where the miserable and merciless orphanage offers a harsh juxtaposition to Lora’s enchanting new home at Iverson castle. Lora is quick-witted and brave, filled with a quiet strength readers will be drawn to. Yet the romance is lacking. Lora seems to fall in love with Jesse for no reason, leaving readers confused. Jesse is unsettling; he has always known more about Lora than she has. He holds too much power over her.

Eleanor “Lora” Jones grew up in an orphanage, adept at hiding the very things that would make her stand out, for she is no normal girl. Everywhere she goes, Lora hears songs that seem to come from stones and metals. She hears a voice, claiming she is so much more than ordinary. The universe seems to agree when Lora is chosen for a scholarship to a prestigious school, Iverson. There she meets two boys, one who knows her secrets and one who shares them. Soon they must work together — using the very powers Lora has yet to understand — to save them all. (BANTAM, Apr., 334 pp., $16.00, ISBN: 9780345531704, HC, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Julie Knowles