After Londoner Sadie loses her job, she takes a temp position at a book convention, where she meets a gorgeous Hollywood producer named Gil.

Gil invites her to visit him in the States, and Sadie takes a chance and flies to California, but their romance has trouble taking off, mostly because his estranged wife has a habit of showing up on his doorstep drunk and full of pills.

While Sadie and Gil hit hurdle after hurdle, her spirits are lifted when she meets a sweet, kind and attractive aspiring actor named Tavis. But Sadie is troubled because she traveled to be with Gil. Besides, she's convinced Tavis is gay. But is he? Will Sadie and Gil ever get on the same page? Should she just go home and get her old job back?

Although the constant relationship roadblocks become a bit tedious, this is still a fun tale. (Jun., 336 pp. $10.95)
Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust