After his ex-wife Melanies death, successful businessman Alex Carrigan is notified that he is responsible for 12-year-old Jessie. Before their breakup, Melanie had told Alex that he was not the father of her baby. But on her deathbed, Melanie changed her story.

Alex fears his grandfather has gone off the deep end. Julian Carrigan claims that 56 years ago, when he and his true love, Suzannah, violated an ancient Native American artifact, he and the family fell under a curse. Julian believes this is why no one in the family has been able to find longstanding love or happiness. He is now determined to right the old wrong, with or without Alexs help.

Faith Christopher, owner of Faiths Fancies Bakery & Cafe, is drawn into the family squabble when the Carrigans come into her shop. Faith is intrigued by Julians story and agrees to help him track down the long-missing Suzannah. But once Faith touches the ancient piece of pottery, she begins having vivid dreams of a tragic lost love. Is Faith now cursed as well? Can they right a 56-year-old wrong in time to save this generation?

Barbara Freethy is in top form with an outstanding new tale of love lost and found. THE SWEETEST THING is sure to bring joy to your heart. (Apr., 384 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith