When Preston Blakely suffers a stroke, it sends a shock wave through his shattered family. His wife, Mary June, isn't physically or emotionally prepared to deal with the situation—to take on Preston's responsibilities or care for him. So their estranged children, Morgan and Nan, reluctantly become involved in their parents' lives.

Preston's finances are in ruins; the girls' only choice is to give in to his sister's urgings and sell Sweetgrass, the property that's been in the Blakely family for many generations, even though it will break Preston's and Mary June's hearts. But Morgan refuses to do it, and the ensuing struggle brings them all together in a totally unexpected way.

Sprawling, leisurely tales like Sweetgrass are seldom seen these days. Wholly fascinating, blessed with oodles of dark family secrets and lush, lyrical prose, it'll probably pop up on many beach towels this summer. (Jul., 368
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer