Image of A Sweethaven Christmas


Image of A Sweethaven Christmas

The Sweethaven scrapbookers are back, determined to have happy holidays and find forgiveness. Readers will smell the pine of Christmas trees and the aromas of holiday food, and will hold close the friendships they develop with the characters.

Lila is on cloud nine: She and her husband, Tom, have gotten past their problems and are expecting a child. When a woman claims to be her sister, she learns things about her family’s past she may never recover from. Adele is worried when she starts communicating with a past love of hers and wonders if she should have left that door locked and in the past. Campbell comes across a ring in Luke’s things and starts planning her wedding in her head, but she may be leading herself into a world of heartbreak if she continues. Jane and Meghan both have some surprises in store for themselves during the festivals in Sweethaven. (GUIDEPOSTS, Oct., 320 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans