Image of A Sweethaven Homecoming


Image of A Sweethaven Homecoming

The sequel to A Sweethaven Summer brings back well-remembered and well-loved characters. This second book starts where the first one left off. Readers might be a little lost at first if they haven’t read book one. With scrapbooking as the backdrop, readers who enjoy that craft will appreciate the addition to the storyline.

The scrapbook circle friends have come back to Sweethaven to finish their individual scrapbooks and to maybe find some closure on their past and let go of their grieving for Suzanne, the other member of their circle. Meghan has had a successful singing career and has gotten clean; she has come back to fight to get her children back. Jane has returned to try to forgive Meghan for causing her son’s death. Lila has come to start a life without her husband. When Meghan’s twins are kidnapped, the circle comes together in ways no one thought possible. (GUIDEPOSTS, Aug., 320 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans