Genetics and family ties can be wacky things -- and sometimes there's no escape. This time crafty and talented Matturro thrusts poor Lily Cleary into her most treacherous case yet -- defending her agoraphobic, antisocial mama from a murder charge. Moving Lily's exploits from Florida to Georgia adds even more eccentric Southern flair to a story that involves disputed freezers, voodoo eggs and gunfire. Wonderful weirdness abounds!

Only a desperate plea from her sane brother could get Lily to return to her hometown of Bugfest, Ga. It seems that her mother has been accused of shooting a man over a freezer. Making matters worse, Lily's mother has been doped to the gills and is catatonic, so no one knows exactly what transpired. Lily and her mother may have issues with a capital "I," but no one is going to railroad or try to kill her mother if Lily has anything to say about it. Something is definitely off-kilter about this whole scenario, and Lily will do what she does best: dig and agitate until she gets answers. (MORROW, Nov., 368 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith