Moss Collier wonders if he wouldnt be better off dead than wed after Eulie Toby forces him into a shotgun wedding, claiming a baby is on the way. Moss knows he has never touched Eulie he hardly knows her. The marriage destroys his plans to head for Texas.

Eulie has to do something to help her brothers and sisters. Moss appears to be the best choice for a husband. He is not mean or lazy and he has a home where they can all live in comfort. So manufacturing a baby to get a husband and save her family doesnt seem so bad.

Sweetwood BRIDE is not your typical shotgun-wedding romance, but then nothing Pamela Morsi writes is typical. The slow growth of love, desire and loyalty, the utterly real characters, their problems (from Moss uncles bitterness over his loss of his legs in the war, to her brother Rans rebellion), and the sweet secondary love stories add depth and emotional intensity to a tender tale.

Ms. Morsis hallmark humor, affinity for down-home folk and understanding of the locale and the people brighten each page. A wonderful example of what Americana romance is all about. SENSUAL (Aug., 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin