Julia Armiger blames Lord Stonehaven, Deverel Gray, for ruining their family when he unjustly accuses her brother of committing suicide because he embezzled funds.

When all else fails, Julia embarks on a bold scheme to seduce Stonehaven and uncover the truth: that he killed her brother.

With her cousins help, she assumes a new identity and lures Stonehaven into a trap. She might hate him, but she has to make him believe she desires him more than any man in the world. But the tables are turned when he begins his own seduction, making her his prisoner.

Determined to get to the truth of the scandal, Deverel and Julia pretend to be married and are enmeshed in an unforgettable whirl of adventure and passion.

Capturing the social nuances and the wit of Regency England, while incorporating loads of sexual tension and a mystery seems a simple task for the masterful Candace Camp. She evokes the era perfectly and brings us into the story because we care about her well-crafted characters. SENSUAL (June, 402 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin