Marsha Canham, a Queen of Romantic Adventure, sweeps readers away to a Regency romance filled with spies, intrigue, danger, swordplay and a grand passion. SWEPT AWAY is like few other Regency-set historical romances because Marsha Canham brings a new dimension to the era.

Because of her refusal to marry the man of her parents choosing, Annaleigh Fairchilde is banished to her aunts secluded home to mend her ways. Finding a half-naked man on the beach is not part of the plan.

Emory Althorpe has a hazy memory of the past, but a clear picture of the stunning angel whose face is the first thing he sees when he regains consciousness. He knows he has forgotten a piece of information that will not only clear his name, but save his country, yet all he can do is flee, escaping those who accuse him of high treason.

Anna cannot believe this man is a traitor and she will risk everything, her reputation, her life and her heart to help him prove his innocence. Though all of England believes he has abducted her, Annaleigh becomes his willing captive, conspirator and lover as they work to open the locked door of Emorys mind.

From the ballrooms to a tawdry inn, from being a pawn in a wild scheme of Bonapartes to unmasking a traitor, from adventure to breathtaking adventure, Marsha Canham leads readers on a sweeping ride that cements her place as a writer whose talents know no bounds. SWEPT AWAY is exciting, sexy and fun! SENSUAL (Dec., 388 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin