Well-developed characters enrich Blake's tale of passion, adventure and mystery. The love scenes are increasingly passionate and tender as the two protagonists draw closer together. But the adventure elements appear scripted and are unsatisfying. Frequent fortuitous circumstances keep the protagonists unharmed, making their escapade unbelievable. This is a pleasing story saddled with a disappointing, by-the-numbers subplot.

Alone on her family's private island, Katrina Spencer wonders if "Crazy Kat" should make a final appearance before she becomes a serious-minded married woman. While napping on the beach, a man from her past washes ashore -- a man whose kisses she hasn't forgotten. FBI agent Brock Denton has just broken cover and is running for his life. Fate brings him to this seemingly uninhabited island and to the woman he has never gotten over.

Pursued by smugglers, Kat and Brock run for their lives as they rediscover their simmering passion, which has intensified during their separation. These star-crossed lovers have to decide if attraction and physical gratification can ever be a substitute for love. (Avon Red, Sep., 352 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart