Ashe’s debut is worthy of high praise. She presents readers with an incredible romance with enough sexual chemistry to singe your fingers. The characters are complex and highly sensual, the plot riveting and the backdrop vividly detailed. This is both a page-turner and a keeper.

After a two-year exile, Lady Valerie Monroe is on a ship headed for home when she meets a fellow passenger disguised as a Jesuit priest, Etienne LeMarque. Valerie is stunned by the sensual sparks between them. When their ship is captured by pirates, she’s delighted that her attraction to Steven, the name preferred by LeMarque, is mutual. After their rescue and arrival in England, Steven disappears. Pining for the man she realizes she loves, Valerie is invited to a salon. Here she discovers that Steven is actually Viscount Steven Ashford and she learns of his mission in life. She refuses to leave him and their love grows stronger as she becomes involved in his fight for freedom and equality. (AVON, Aug., 360 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin