Image of Swept Away by the Tycoon (Harlequin Romance)


Image of Swept Away by the Tycoon (Harlequin Romance)

SWEPT AWAY BY THE TYCOON (4.5) by Barbara Wallace: After dumping an iced coffee over her two-timing barista boyfriend’s head, Chloe Abrams feels stronger, despite her injured heart. She returns to Café Mondu with head held high, and is intrigued by the opinionated and good-looking man who is always in the corner. Recovering addict and coffee shop owner Ian Black has been watching Chloe for quite some time, but he’s dealing with problems of his own, including trying to make amends with his son. After he saves Chloe from a mugging on the streets of New York, the two start to slowly unravel their emotions. This lovely romance will sweep readers off their feet! Fantastic descriptions of the Big Apple and characters who wear their hearts on their sleeves make this heartfelt story unforgettable.

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi