A civil war between two planets ends in the chemical neutering of all females. Desperate, Prince Glendevtorvas discovers that a thousand years ago a colony of his people, led by another royal family, had been exiled and established on Earth. He travels there to bring the colony home.

When the prince sees Princess Glennora, all thoughts of returning her to her father are forgotten; he kidnaps her and her entourage to become mates to the males of the two desperate planets Glendevtorvas rules. During the voyage, the prince is determined to convince the princess she is more than just a mate.

Anthony's creative portrayal of two alien beings pleasing each other had me glued to her book. But the unashamed emotions Prince Glendevtorvas lavishes upon his chosen mate hit me hard. It is refreshing find a book where the hero is not afraid to show his feelings to the one he loves, from beginning to end. (dl $6.20)

Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne