Image of Swimming Lessons (STP - Mira)


Image of Swimming Lessons (STP - Mira)

A sequel to The Beach House, this is
a well-told story with many emotional levels. Toy's journey is bittersweet and absorbing, and mothers everywhere
will undoubtedly relate to her feelings and concerns about Lovie. There's a
lot of interesting information about sea turtles, too.

In the five years since her friend Olivia Rutledge passed away, Toy Sooner has turned her life around. She has gone to college, found her dream job at the South Carolina Aquarium and built a stable environment for her young daughter, Lovie. Surrounded by friends Cara, Flo and Emmi, all coping with issues of their own, Toy barely has time to notice the lack of a man in her life. With one sea turtle rescue, that changes. Suddenly Toy has to work closely with Ethan Legare, a colleague at the aquarium, and ultimately face her budding feelings for him -- just as her abusive ex-husband turns up and reminds her why she's been single since he left. (MIRA, Apr., 432 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer