Image of The Swiss Affair


Image of The Swiss Affair

Beautiful, descriptive language is the hallmark of Hall’s latest novel set in the beautiful city of Lausanne in Switzerland. Hall uses the lakeside city as a wonderful backdrop for her moving tale of love and innocence lost. With a beautifully intricate plot and natural interactions between her characters, Hall weaves a story that encompasses romance, mystery and a personal journey — all with a steady pace and subtle intrigue. A remarkable read.

In her second year of university, Hadley Dunn gets to study abroad in Lausanne, the place of her dreams. She befriends Kristina, a Danish girl who she bonds with quickly, and she begins living a comfortable, happy existence with her. Until the night Kristina is found dead. Hadley can’t truly accept that Kristina died slipping on an icy sidewalk, and begins to ask questions about what Kristina was doing that night before she died and about Kristina’s secret lover, Jacques. (MIRA, Feb., 384 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates