When their Uncle Henry arranges unwanted marriages for identical twins Elizabeth and Charlotte, they decide to run away to London with Charlotte in drag as Charlie. Theyre caught climbing out the window by Lord Radcliffe.

Thinking theyre a pair of rapscallions, Radcliffe offers to accompany them to London, and allows them to stay with him until they can sell their mothers jewels.

He has no idea that they switch identities several times a day and that he has taken a young woman to a brothel, a gaming hall and into all kinds of male territories. His life is turned topsy-turvy by their madcap schemes: his home becomes a refuge for puppies, runaways and waifs.

The troubles just beginningsomeone is blackmailing them. Elizabeth falls in love and runs off, leaving Charlie to face the villains alone. Then Radcliffe proposes to Beth (really Charlotte), and even marriage cannot stop her madcap schemes.

This light-hearted romp might remind you of a Shakespearian comedy. Readers have to be on their toes to tell these two apart and not become confused by their continual switching as they leap from one escapade into another. SENSUAL (Sep., 387 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin