Told in the heroine's first-person viewpoint, Hart's latest is simply terrific. Smart, ultra-spicy and thought-provoking, it will certainly delight her fans and win some new ones.

Finding an elegantly written note on expensive stationery in her mailbox rocks Paige DeMarco's world. It's not meant for her, but the contents spark all sorts of deliciously erotic thoughts -- and deeds. Soon, Paige has to know who's the intended recipient of the increasingly intriguing instructions -- no, orders.

She's surprised and delighted to discover that it's Eric, aka Mr. Mystery, a doctor she encounters often in her neighborhood. Then the unthinkable happens -- what's supposed to be Eric's final note arrives. Paige doesn't even think; she acts -- and begins sending Eric notes of her own. Dabbling in dominant/submissive behavior is a much-needed tonic for Paige's job and family stress, as well as the continued presence of Austin Miller, her sexy ex-husband, in her life. It doesn't take Paige long to decide she likes being in control -- and to do what it takes to stay there. (SPICE, Jan., 384 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer