Arthur is dead and Camelot belongs to Morgen le Fey. The only hope for the vestiges of the Knights of the Round Table is Seren, the young woman destined to bear the next merlin. Before she can be taken to safety, she is kidnapped by Kerrigan, Morgen's protege and King of Camelot.

In the dark recesses of the castle, Seren faces evil and the demonic Kerrigan. She instinctively knows that to escape, she must seduce him. But it's Kerrigan who's completely enchanted by the "little mouse," not comprehending that she is his chance for redemption. Falling in love stuns them both yet gives them the strength to fight Morgen and try to find true happiness together.

MacGregor (aka Sherrilyn Kenyon) creates a splendid, magical world of knights, demons and wizards -- a place where all is possible, from flying dragons to dark spells, and a place where love triumphs as demon and merlin marry (a la Charmed or Buffy). Savor the romance, but also the delicious sense of humor MacGregor brings to what could be a completely dark tale. You'll be waiting eagerly for the next installment in the Lords of Avalon series. All hail a shining voice in historical paranormal romance! SENSUAL (Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin