Image of Sword of the Deceiver (Isavalta, Book 4)


Image of Sword of the Deceiver (Isavalta, Book 4)

Zettel returns to the magical world of Isvalta with a satisfying conclusion that works equally well as a stand-alone. She sets the scene beautifully and serves up an elaborate visual feast with a blend of Indian, Chinese and Russian folklore. Strongly motivated and compelling characters drive this tale of love, loyalty and sacrifice that will stir readers' emotions.

The empire of Hastinapura dominates all other realms and demands compliance and payment from them. When Prince Samudra arrives in Sindhu to collect tribute, Princess Natharie volunteers to go back with him in exchange for sovereignty for her people.

Her mother, Queen Sitara, begs the sorcerers for help to free her daughter and save their land. But time runs short as Natharie becomes entangled in conspiracy and palace intrigue. Her only ally may be her captor. (TOR, Mar., 384 pp., $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski