Magic, myth and history blend to perfection as master storyteller Susan King creates a tale that resonates with the pageantry and passion of the 15th century.

On Beltane night, blacksmith Lachlann MacKerron and the Lairds daughter, Eva MacArthur, pledge their love, even though they know a poor blacksmith can never wed the guardian of their island home.

Shortly afterwards Lachlann leaves for France to join the Scots guard and Eva is pledged to another, the ruthless Green Colin. Though she tries to hold off the wedding day, Colin will stop at nothinghe would murder and imprison her family to gain the power he desires.

Held fast by his love for Eva, Lachlann returns from France to stand at her side and fight their common enemy to save their home and their love.

Susan King lifts readers to new heights, enchanting them with tales of valor, magic and passion that defies the evil in the world. Youll truly believe in the Sword of Light and know that love always triumphs over hate. Allow yourself to be awed by Ms. Kings wizardry and swept away by her three-dimensional characters in a story to rival he greatest legends. SENSUAL (Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin