Image of The Sworn (The Fallen Kings Cycle)


Image of The Sworn (The Fallen Kings Cycle)

Well written and full of action, this grabs the reader on the first page and refuses to let go until the very last page. Set in Martin’s Chronicles of the Necromancer world, the surviving characters from that series are all back. Even readers new to the Winter Kingdoms will hate to see this one end.

Just because Tris Drake is on the throne doesn’t necessarily mean peace for the Winter Kingdoms. Someone or something is disturbing ancient barrows in order to unleash unspeakably evil entities, plague is threatening to set neighbor against neighbor and everyone is expecting an invasion from over the sea at any time. It will take every single citizen — human, vayash moru and vyrkin — to repel the invasion and contain the evil that walks the land. (ORBIT, Feb., 576 pp., $7.99)
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Rhomylly Forbes