Image of Sworn to Protect: A Sugarland Blue Novel


Image of Sworn to Protect: A Sugarland Blue Novel

What’s not to love about sexy men in blue with fast hands, true hearts and the courage of their convictions? Davis certainly knows how to draw the perfect balance of vulnerability and strength, giving readers a superhero without a cape and pairing him with his perfect mate. She wraps it all up in an action novel that falls just shy of a police procedural, but with plenty of pure steamy romance and family drama. A great start to the Sugarland Blue series!

When Detective Shane Ford falls hard for fellow cop Daisy Callahan, he pushes her away, not ready to be tied down. It’s too bad because he needs Daisy’s help when he becomes an instant dad to a troubled teenager. When his best friend, NFL star Brad Cooper, suddenly dies of what appears to be a drug overdose, Shane becomes the teen’s guardian. While he tries to navigate the path of fatherhood, he also becomes embroiled in the mystery of Brad’s death. And he’s going to need Daisy to guide him along. Before they get their answers, however, Shane and his family are dragged into the path of a ruthless drug dealer who will do anything, even sacrifice his own son, to get away with murder. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, May, 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper